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Tie Bar and Spread Collar
 As some of you may know, I’m a magician, and tonight, I’ve got a gig. Therefore, I decided to bring out the “big” guns. Blue houndstooth spread collar, red cashmere herringbone-ish tie, brushed metal tie bar, paisley pocket square, fine-wale chocolate brown cords, red cashmere/wool socks, and my usual charcoal shoes. The pocket square and the tie work well together in terms of colors, and every time I put this tie on, I am impressed by the gorgeous knot it ties. The pocket square is simply stuffed in my pocket and subsequently pulled up, which adds an air of nonchalance to the otherwise quite conservative upper half. The tie bar is brushed metal with a shinier inlay, which I think subtly adds visual interest to it all. I chose to wear it diagonally to add a slight touch of nonchalant elegance, although to be perfectly honest I’m not sure how well it works here. Finally, I wanted to showcase the Monarch Playing Cards, a beautifully-made deck which can be found here for those of you interested:
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