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Denim Jacket and Floral Tie

Getting ready for Spring, one item at a time. Today, I opted for a simple white button-down shirt, in crisp broadcloth, something I hadn’t worn in a while. To go with this, I chose a green floral tie by Brooks Brothers Makers that I found on eBay, a slim-fitting denim jacket from Zara that I found on sale at the end of last summer, an orange autumn print pocket square from Fine and Dandy Shop, brown corduroys from Polo Ralph Lauren, blue fair isle socks, and charcoal shoes. In order to create a transitional outfit, I mixed spring pieces (floral tie, denim jacket) with more fall-winter items (autumn print pocket square, corduroys, fair isle socks) and topped it off with a classic, the white broadcloth. In terms of colors, blues and browns always work well together, some brown also being present in the pocket square. Orange being the other main color on the pocket square, I chose it to go with my tie, the flowers of which are orange. The tie’s white goes with the shirt, and the green adds a further touch of spring to the whole outfit. I think what also works quite well today is the contrast between the textures, especially between the rather rough denim of the jacket and the smoothness of the tie. Using denim and leather jackets in lieu of blazers is something I plan to do a lot this coming spring/summer, as they are easier to come by than good blazers, especially here in Switzerland, although I might take a trip to Milan and/or London to see what they have there.  I’ll put a poster up later tonight or tomorrow, as I’m running for year rep at my school, so look forward to that. 

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