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Knots I Tie

I thought I’d do a little something on tie knots I use, why I use them, and so on. Keep in mind tie knots are very subjective, I know people who only wear Four-in-hands or Double four-in-hands, others, like me, who favor the Windsor. However, I don’t know anyone who use the Full Windsor, perhaps due to its tremendous size and rather aggressive look. Anyways, on to the knots I use. The Half-Windsor is my go-to knot, as I am personally a huge fan of the nice inverted triangle shape it provides, and depending upon where it is tied on the tie (higher will create a smaller knot, lower will provide a larger one), it can work with almost all shirts, from spread collars to button-downs. The Nicky knot is one I recently began using after purchasing the wool knit tie pictured above. It was too thick for a Half-Windsor, and the four-in-hand or double-four-in-hand, although both being potentially viable options, are knots I am not a fan of due to their more elongated shape. The Nicky knot therefore was my choice. Smaller than the Half-Windsor, it is perfectly suitable for thicker ties such as wool knit ones, heavy cashmere ones, and grenadines. It keeps the nice inverted triangle shape which I really favor, whilst still maintaining a decent size. As can be seen on the last picture, this knot can also be a good choice with silk ties when wearing a collar pin, as a Half-Windsor would often be too hefty for such an accessory. That’s it for now, another outfit coming up on Saturday. Might do a few more of these features regarding specific details, the next one might be tie and pocket square combinations, although I’m open to any suggestions.

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